The Play Group offer workshops for teachers, on a range of subjects from Theatre and Drama in the classroom, to Pronunciation and the use of music in teaching.

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2018 - 2019


One of the greatest challenges facing teachers in the EFL classroom is writing, as students are rarely encouraged to write freely. Writing is ever more important in the business and social spheres, yet working on this communicative skill can also be fun.
The Play Group’s Creative Writing workshop helps you develop your students’ use of the written language by unlocking their imaginations and boosting their confidence through task-based, interactive exercises, focussing on simplicity and clarity.
These include producing greetings cards and menu-making through theatre games and visual prompts. We help you to help them: developing storylines, dramatic tension and character creation, using their opinions and ideas to stimulate the use of written English.

Teachers who attend workshops are invited to download materials after the workshops. Please contact us for the password!

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